Events AROUND Your Wedding

Events AROUND Your Wedding


Hello love birds!


Today we are thinking about weddings and all the events and celebrations that surround them.


You may be scratching your head and thinking…what events?


There are lots of ways to celebrate your upcoming nuptials and there are so many events these days that have been built around weddings.


Let’s break it down by PRE-Wedding and POST-Wedding.

Take a look —


Events AROUND Your Wedding, PRE – Wedding:


Engagement Shots — this is typically a fun first way to really celebrate your engagement. Couples get to get dressed up and take pictures in an area that is special to them and then these pictures can be used for all kinds of things! The pictures can be used for save the dates, wedding websites and can even be showcased on the wedding day!

Bridals — this is a photoshoot dedicated to capturing the bride in her dress ahead of the wedding day. Typically these are shot at the venue and are reflective of what you will look like on your wedding day. People do these shoots because there is rarely time to capture these images on wedding day. Plus how fun is it to get to wear your wedding dress TWICE???


Engagement Parties

— typically these happen within the first few months of getting engaged. It is a great way to get together with friends and family members and celebrate the wedding that is to come. Some fun ideas for these parties are: his & hers celebrations, cocktail hours, themed bashes



— showers are where the presents typically come in. While grooms can have showers, brides are usually the stars of these events. Family members usually hold these early in the day showers so friends and families can come shower the bride in all the gifts she and her love registered for early on in the planning process.


Rehearsal Dinners

— a great way to get everyone together one last time before the big day. Rehearsal dinners are wonderful because they typically include sentimental toasts, stories and bonding moments between the blending families. This is a great time to give gifts to parents and celebrate your bridal party too.


Events AROUND Your Wedding, POST – Wedding:


Post Wedding Brunches

— A big trend happening in weddings right now is post wedding brunches. This is a great way to celebrate after the big event with friends and families and bask in the glow of being a newlywed. These are fun as you are able to chat about the wedding and what everyone thought and loved about it.


Collective Honeymoons

— Now this is a new one even for us, but another recent trend going on in weddings right now is taking a honeymoon where friends and families can come along! If you are a fan of big groups and want to travel with buddies, this may be for you! 


Needing more ideas about how to celebrate after the wedding? We loved this article from One Fab Day. You will be inspired by these fun ideas!


Also, if you need help finding a local venue for one of these events be sure to look on our website! Most venues love to do additional celebrations on top of weddings!


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**picture by Al Gawlik