Destination Weddings: What To Know

Destination Weddings: What To Know

Hey lovebirds!

Happy Engagement Season!

We have been seeing some amazing engagements happening and we know many of you are in the process of planning!

Have you thought about destination weddings? Destination weddings are a popular option for couples who want to travel for their big day or find a place for all their friends and families to meet in the middle.

If you are thinking about a destination wedding for your big day, we have some tips to think about when planning a destination wedding.

It is a totally different experience than planning a wedding locally. So many things to think about!

But also, so fun and unique and totally worth it if planned correctly!

Destination Weddings: What To Know

Let’s get to the fun details!

When To Plan:

Destination weddings can take a lot of time to plan, typically it is best to take time to go through the process of booking everything and planning all the details. Typically a good time range for planning a destination wedding is at least a year out from the time you want to say I do. Plus, it is important to take the seasons into account too. Wherever you want to go, when is it the best time to wed? What is the weather like? Do your homework here so you can have a gorgeous day in the best season of your choosing!

Who To Invite:

Typically, destination weddings are smaller and more intimate! So, when thinking about who to include in this personal event, make sure you invite people you really want there.Think about officiant, family, and friends — the people who matter most to you. 

Also, consider your budget as well. Some people think that the bride and groom or their families should pay for people to travel far distances for a wedding. If you end up paying for everyone to attend, be sure it is a cost you are ready to handle!

Where To Go:

There are so many options! First consider the type of destination space you want: beach, mountain, city, etc. Then narrow down options based on preference and price. Think about going somewhere you have never been before OR think about going somewhere that you have been together and it has a special place in your heart and mind. Then again, think about price — how much does it cost to travel there? How much does it cost to stay there? 

Who Pays?:

In traditional wedding planning, it is typical for parents of the bride and groom to chip in but more and more, brides and grooms are taking costs on themselves! With destination weddings, it is more likely to see the couple take on more of the costs than other people. 

Who To Hire?:

LOCAL, local, local! We cannot say it enough! This will save you big bucks. The more you can focus on local vendors, the better. Plus local vendors know the area, they know each other, and they will be able to help you immensely when it comes to connecting all the planning elements.

Wedding Insurance:

Get it! Things are always a little more unknown in an unusual place. Wedding Insurance exists to cover unforeseen things happening and this is a great option at not a horrible price!


Now this is important lovebirds, when it comes to documentation you want to put all your focus here. Make sure to not forget about your passport first and foremost. Then, be sure to do your homework when it comes to securing a marriage license. Different places have different requirements when it comes to timing. Make sure you get yours in time!

Have more questions about destination weddings? Or need more help?

Let us know!

We think that destination weddings are a fabulous idea when it comes to planning your wedding day so we are here to support you in any planning way we can!

Until then, cheers to love and cheers to love all over the world!


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