Valentines Proposal Ideas

Valentines Proposal Ideas

Hello lovebirds,

Can you believe the month of LOVE is finally here? 

While the team here at We Do Weddings are all big believers in the fact that love should be celebrated in all kinds of ways every single day, we realize that a lot of people love and joy the specific festivities surrounding February 14th every year. And why not? Any reason to celebrate love is a good one in our book.

We actually were curious about how many people love and really celebrate big on Valentines Day so we did a little digging and found some interesting findings we wanted to share with you.

According to Bustle, an overwhelming 43% of millennials think that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day to get proposed to!

While we were over here thinking most people might find the holiday cliche, turns out it is deemed quite romantic and proposal worthy to many!

So, naturally, we thought we would share some of our favorite ways to propose to your special someone this Valentines Day! If you are one of those 43%, get excited! Your big day is almost here!

Here are some romantic ways to propose to your special someone on Valentine’s Day:

Write It Out

This is such a fun option and so picture worthy. When we mean write it out, we mean put the proposal somewhere visible for your special someone. On top of a cookie, through a Scrabble game, on the billboard downtown, etc. There are lots of ways to get creative with this one! Make sure to pick a spot that is special to you two.

Make It Sweet

Making a sweet proposal is so yummy and special. You can do so many things with this option too. First think about making something together or celebrating over a chocolate dipping station. There is always the old method of hiding the ring in something sweet too – just be careful here, we wouldn’t want anyone choking! Plus, have you seen the new chocolate boxes you can crack open to reveal a ring? It’s all the rage!

Put on a Show

This is for the lovers who don’t mind attention or having eyes on them. Here we are thinking a special fireworks show or celebration would be just the key for an exciting and memorable engagement. If you are a sport fan too, you can always do the proposal on the big TV…

Movie Time

This is a favorite of ours. For all you Austinites, we have the Alamo Drafthouse in mind for an occasion like this. You can work with movie theaters and have a proposal woven into the trailer section of the moving showing. It is unique, a fun way to get creative and absolutely memorable!

Picnic Please

This is for all you outside lovers. Picnics have always been a thing of romance but they are now so stylish and Instagram worthy too. Think about making a really special sitting station full of your love’s favorite decor and food items. Then propose over some bubbles and eats and the rest will be easy!

Lovebirds, we help and watch over proposals all year long.

If you need more ideas than just these five to get your creative proposing juices going, let us know and we can help you connect with amazing people to bring your engagement dreams to life! 

Until then, cheers to February and all the love every single day!


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