Austin Rehearsal Dinner Options

Austin Rehearsal Dinner Options

Oh hello lovebirds…

Are you feeling hungry today lovebirds? Because we are…

Today we are talking about the hottest spots around Austin to have your wedding rehearsal (or any other fun event you want to throw to celebrate love).

Austin as you know is a huge hub for great food so this list is truly only a starting point. It was hard to pick just a handful to shout out and we have a good feeling one day down the line we may be having a part two to this!

SO, here are our current favorite spots to nosh down and celebrate

Austin Rehearsal Dinner Options

  1. Eberly
  2. Jacoby’s
  3. Jester King Brewery
  4. Lenoir
  5. Mattie’s
  6. Juliette Italian Kitchen
  7. Uchi
  8. Clay Pit
  9. Homepun Kitchen and Bar
  10. Salty Sow

Now that you know some great places to book for your rehearsal dinners… are you wondering what happens at rehearsal dinners?

Well first, you eat!

This is a celebration! A great time to share laughs and conversation over a delicious meal. The rehearsal is a nice way to honor your bridal party and very close members of your family and friend circle. The wedding is so busy and you say hi to so many people. The rehearsal really gives you a chance to be with those nearest and dearest to you.

Toasts on toasts on toasts!

Again, a great way to celebrate with those closest to you. A rehearsal dinner is a great place where all kinds of toasts can happen. Typically at the wedding only parents and best men and maids of honor do toasts. At the rehearsal dinner anyone and everyone can make a toast. Plus, this is a great time for you as the bride or groom to toast your family and loved ones, too!


Sometimes couples like to exchange their personal wedding gifts to another during the rehearsal. This is a more private time and space to do the exchange, if that is something you are interested in. Plus if the gift is something you want incorporated into the wedding day, this timing is great.

Anything else you want!

Make your rehearsal perfect for you! The celebration can include anything you want to do!

Need more rehearsal dinner inspo?

Let us know!

As always, we are happy to share ideas and help!

Until next time lovebirds, cheers to Love!


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