The We Do Weddings Experience

The We Do Weddings Experience!


Welcome back, lovebirds!


Today we thought we would do a little refresher on all things We Do Weddings! Welcome to the We Do Weddings Experience! 


We wanted to tell you all about us, the website, and what we hope your experience will be when using WDW.


Now, if you are reading this, you most likely know what We Do Weddings is all about. But it never hurts to read and maybe learning something new… are we right??

WHAT is We Do Weddings?

Well, we are a brand new wedding website (we launched in November 2020). We noticed that couples were looking for venues specifically based on date availability and while there are other websites out there that can give you venue ideas, nobody can help you connect with a venue who is actually available on the date you want! Thus, WDW was born!


WHO is We Do Weddings?

We Do Weddings was actually created by people who know the business well, wedding venue owners! Karen and Ken Moise own Dripping Springs wedding venue, Ma Maison! They have been in the wedding business for over 30 years and are passionate about helping couples in any way they can.


The gals behind the day-to-day, us, are Conor and Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn is daughter to Karen and Ken and Conor is an extended part of the family too. From doing social posts, meeting with venues, connecting with couples and so much more, we love doing this! Weddings are such a wonderful part of this world and we love being able to help couples navigate the tricky waters of wedding planning.


The We Do Weddings Experience…

Our hope for all our couples is that We Do Weddings will help ease any stress of the burden of finding a wedding venue. While building our site (and as it continually evolves with the help of YOU), it was most important to us that the website be user friendly and helpful! 


When you register or login, our hope is that you can put in your preferred date and details and easily find venues that you will fall in love with and instantly connect.


Our site offers an easy instant email option to venues or you can go to their website and connect organically that way too. Options and ease are the name of the game and we hope to succeed in both for all of you!


Have any questions or need additional help connecting with your venue?

Please let us know! That’s what we are here for!


Also, if you ever need wedding inspo, look at our social hubs! We constantly are posting about our partnered venues and showcasing the different styles and designs that can inspire your very own wedding!


Thanks for reading our refresher lovebirds! We love working with you!

Until next time, cheers to love!



The Guest List: What You Need To Think About

The Guest List: What You Need To Think About


Well hello there, lovebirds!


How is the wedding planning journey going? We certainly hope very well!


Today we are going to talk about a very specific piece of the wedding planning puzzle: The Guest List.


Believe it or not the guest list may be the most important part of your wedding planning process. Guest lists determine quite a few things.


  1. Guest lists will give you an idea of what overall pricing for the big day may be

  2. They will help determine the venue you book

  3. It will help determine whether you want to do a buffet or seated dinner

  4. They will help determine whether you want to do a full bark or just beer and wine

  5. Guest lists will help you know how many save the dates/invitations/thank you notes you need to send


These are only a couple of things the guest count can affect…but do you see how many details it really touches come wedding day?


It can also be a point of major stress for couples. A lot of brides and grooms think they need to invite everyone in the world…we are big believers in inviting WHO YOU WANT to your wedding.


We have some tips on how to conquer the guest list so it is an enjoyable process rather than a stressful task to check off your wedding planning to-do list.


Keep budget in mind

If you have a final wedding budget in place when it comes to spending for the big day, this will help you in a multitude of ways! Depending on what your budget is, this will help you to know how many people you can easily afford to invite to your wedding. Take into account the price per head for feeding and serving alcohol to your guests as one of the first priorities when planning your wedding. By knowing what this price will be, it will help you determine if you can afford 100 people or 500 people.


Saying No is OKAY

A lot of couples get plagued with ideas and requests from their friends and families when it comes to the guest list. Peer pressure is a very real thing when you have people begging you to invite their significant other or their friend of their friend…the list goes on. If there are people you do not want at your wedding, it is simple, don’t invite them! Stay true to who you and your partner want at the wedding. If you are surrounded by people you want to have at the wedding, your heart will be full come wedding day. Follow your gut, invite the important and meaningful people!


Divide and conquer

This may seem a bit harsh, but we really think it helps! Guest lists can seem huge and daunting, so why not break it up? By having a list A: All the people you want at the wedding and then a list B: All the people you need at the wedding and then a list C: the ideal list that makes up your dream wedding guest list, this will help you prioritize and cut down should you need to!


Lastly, if you take anything from this read, it would be that we hope you enjoy making your guest list. It is one of the fun and “easy” parts of the process where you can snuggle up with your love, have a date night and brainstorm! 


Make it a sweet moment the two of your will cherish always!


If you need help or have any questions, we are always here! Also, take a look at this awesome selection of Guest List forms from


Until next time, lovebirds…

Cheers to guest lists and love!


Conor and Kaitlyn

Venue Showcase: Woodbine Mansion

Venue Showcase: Woodbine Mansion


Hello Lovebirds,


Welcome back to the We Do Weddings Blog! Are you ready for the newest Venue Showcase: Woodbine Mansion? Today we want to share some love with the incomparable Woodbine Mansion located in Round Rock Wedding.


The Mansion has a great history. It has been a fixture of the Pflugerville community for over 100 years! Recently bought and refurbished and beautified by Becky Navarro of Pearl Events here in Austin, Texas, the venue is truly incredible. 


The inside is as beautiful as the out. We personally cannot get enough of all the details and rooms. From a stunning bridal suite to an impeccable groom’s den, this venue is truly one of a kind. No matter where you go in the entire mansion, every detail and nook is picture worthy.


Here are some fabulous features of the venue:

  • Over 1.5 acres
  • Served as a Texas Historic Landmark since 1973
  • Private gardens for outdoor entertaining
  • Two spacious courtyards for outdoor entertaining
  • Elegant gazebo and garden trellis
  • First and second floor mansion access
  • 5 private changing rooms
  • Vendor green rooms
  • Wireless Internet throughout the property
  • Parking onsite
  • Handicap accessible

Woodbine Mansion offers tours and we highly recommend going! If you think the pictures of it are beautiful, just imagine how gorgeous it is in person.


Want to take a look at their website? Click here!


Make sure to ask for Maddie, she is wonderful to work with and will give you all the Woodbine information you need!


Need help connecting? Let us know! We are happy to do an introduction!

Until then, fall in love with Woodbine as much as we have!


Cheers to you all, lovebirds!



Photos taken from Woodbine Mansion Website