Texas Wedding Budgets: All You Need To Know

Texas Wedding Budgets: All You Need To Know


Hello Lovebirds,


Today we wanted to talk about hands down, the most important part of wedding planning: YOUR Wedding Budget!

When you get engaged, it is such an exciting time and you want to dive right into planning your big day, are we right?


BUT…so many people forget the key ingredient to a successful day: staying within their wedding budget!


According to The Knot, the average overall cost of a Texas wedding is $30,200

To put that into perspective, it is the same investment as buying a 2021 Camaro…


However, something we really want to focus on is that your wedding budget is YOUR wedding budget and you can have a beautiful wedding no matter the price tag!


That is why we wanted to dive a little deeper today and showcase some general estimates of what all can go into a wedding budget.


Here is a breakdown of costs for the average price tag per vendor here in Central Texas. Keep in mind all these prices are an ESTIMATE and are subject to be lower or higher depending on the vendors you choose.


Texas Wedding Budgets: All You Need To Know


Wedding Venue: $10,500

Wedding Planner: $3,000 (usually will be lower if you are just looking at month/day of)

Catering: (price per person): $100 – min

Alcohol: $2500 (wine and beer, cocktails will be higher)

Wedding Photographer: $2,400 (depends on photographer and hours of coverage)

Wedding Florist: $5,000

Wedding Rentals: $3,000 (can vary greatly here depending on details)

Wedding Lighting + Decor: $3,000 (ex: uplighting, draping)

Wedding cake: $500

Band: $4,500

DJ: $1,200

Transportation: $1,000

Videographer: $1,800


Texas Wedding Budgets: All You Need To Know

Other Important Factors:

A wedding dress: $2,000

Invitations: $600

Wedding Hair: $100/person

Wedding Makeup: $100/person

Rehearsal dinner: $1,900

Photobooth: $600


Total of all the above:



Now, that number right there might be a scary one! Not to worry! This is again, just an estimate and can absolutely be tailored to your budget and dream needs.


Not everyone wants a 100+ person wedding, you do not have to have everyone get their hair and makeup done, you don’t have to spend on lighting and decor if you don’t want to.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your wedding is going to be beautiful no matter what!

We always recommend to our brides to list out the five most important things they want to have on their wedding day. List those five important things out and allow your budget to really lend itself to those important things. This is a sure way to make sure you are happy with your wedding and that it is a moment you will cherish forever.


Texas Wedding Budgets: All You Need To Know

Example of a Top 5 list:

  1. Wedding Photography — so you can have beautiful images to hold on to always
  2. Catering — so your guest LOVE the food
  3. Venue – you want a venue that you LOVE
  4. Wedding Planning — you need help and WANT help
  5. Music – you want to make sure the party is a great one!


We hope this budget breakdown helps you to know about all the possible costs that are connected with a wedding day!


If you need any help with staying in budget or have questions about how to stay in budget, let us know! We are here to chat and help always! We also are big believers in wedding planners and can connect you with some fabulous ones in the Central Texas area!


Until next time lovebirds, all our love!



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