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WDW Blog: Texas Weather Wedding Tips


Welcome back lovebirds, and dare we say Happy Spring??


Hopefully Jack Frost is gone for good and our beautiful Texas foliage can start to come back a little! Bring on the Bluebonnets!


Which brings us to the thought of preparing for Texas weather no matter what time of year you get married here!


Today we thought we would chat about Texas Weather Wedding Tips for your wedding day!

Just some fun little tidbits to think about when considering the perfect time of year for you.


Let’s break it down by the fours seasons:


Fall: Maybe one of our most favorite seasons of all, Fall is beautiful with the changing scenery and little cold snap in the air. It offers a reprieve from the Summer heat and can be festively decorated thanks to pumpkins and fall foliage!

  1. Be Ready for a cold snap — the weather tends to stay warm until November, but don’t discount those little October cold snaps! Be ready to bundle up and help your guests stay warm too!
  2. If you are set on an outdoor ceremony or reception, consider having an indoor option too for those who want to get out of any fall elements.
  3. Beautiful skies — before the time changes, you can have plenty of time to have a “later” ceremony and still have time for additional pictures between ceremony and reception! Golden hour lasts a long time in fall.
  4. Embrace the season — think pumpkin soup, apple pies, turkey dishes, etc.!
  5. Get festive! So many fun celebrations happen whether it be Halloween or Thanksgiving, think about making your party fun by having signs of the holidays around! Everyone loves a good festive party.

Winter: Winter is such a fun time to get married with the crisp air and the beautiful night skies! We are also suckers for the warm drinks, candle light and cigar bars that pair perfectly to the season!

  1. Consider attire! If you are naturally chilly, think about pairing a beautiful coat or covering with your dress
  2. Think about holidays! With Christmas and New Years and Valentine’s Day happening all in this peak season, sometimes people aren’t always able to make it to weddings (unless they know early!).
  3. Sunset– with the sun going down earlier, you want to think about sunset time and when it will be best to do ceremony — which also affects the timing of pictures and when you need to be ready
  4. Snuggling Up options for your guests — maybe think about providing blankets or filling up a fireplace if your venue provides it to help guests stay nice and warm
  5. Toasty Beverages — hot cocoa or hotty toddy’s?? Yes please!


Spring: Here is the biggest rain watch for Texas. The weather can turn on a dime but this may be our favorite Texas season of all! From the wild flowers to the comfortable temperatures (usually), this is a great time of year to say I do!


  1. Make sure you have a rain plan
  2. Consider timing of ceremony — the time change typically happens in March
  3. Have cute items like umbrellas or blankets available to guests in case pesky weather strikes
  4. Think about fun options like a fire pit if you want to have a fun evening outdoor option for guests
  5. Think about attire! From mud spots to bugs, spring has all the elements to offer, so if you are a lover of a huge train on your dress, maybe think about another season that won’t dirty your dress so much.


Summer: One word comes to mind: HOT HOT HOT. However, despite the Texas heat, the Texas Hill country is still lovely in the summer and it can still be used as a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day.


  1. Consider indoor spaces for ceremony and reception
  2. See if your venue has fans/air conditioning options outside
  3. Have a beverage station available outside (especially if you are considering an outdoor ceremony)
  4. Provide guests with cute party favors like fans and sunglasses
  5. Consider summer friendly menus…citrus, salads, cold soups, ice creams, etc.!


Loved these tips and need some more? Take a look at what 7 Centerpieces has to say!
Just send us a note and we will be happy to talk about some Texas Weather Wedding Tips!


Excited to hear which seasons you all love the most!


Until next week lovebirds,


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