Texas Venue Types

WDWEducation: Texas Venue Types


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Our hope is that these few blogs will help you learn about the Central Texas Wedding industry and your options while planning your big day.


WDWEducation: Texas Venue Types


Who is ready to learn about all the different types of Texas Venues?


In case you didn’t know, We Do Weddings is located in Austin, Texas, the heart of the bigland and both of us are native Texans, so we feel quite confident when it comes to discussing anything Texas related.


The great thing about Texas, particularly Central Texas is that there are a plethora venues that will appeal to all kinds of brides and couples. Whether you love that rustic country feel or are a classic bride looking for a historical hotel, Texas has it all!


So, let’s get started! We are going to go over a sampling of some venue types so you can familiarize yourself with the options and figure out what venue style appeals to you most!



  • Ranches are all over the Texas countryside. They usually include wooden features, sprawling countryscapes, animals (like longhorns) and lucious older trees to say ‘I do under’. Take a look at Pecan Springs Ranch for some gorgeous ranch inspo.



  • Different than a ranch, the farmhouse/barn venue typically has a statement building that is used as their spotlight feature for wedding ceremonies. Certainly more rustic looks with sunset backdrops that dreams are made of. Check out Lone Oak Barn if barns are your thing.


Classic Hotel

  • Classic or historical hotels are always appealing to the couple who dreams of classic details mixed with top notch hospitality. Hotels tend to offer spacious ballrooms and lodging for guests. You may be interested in The Driskill Hotel if you are a sucker for gorgeous older hotels.


Modern Hotel

  • Modern hotels typically appeal to the more hipster/urban loving couple. Typically located in up and coming areas of towns, modern hotels are filled with unique features, bold colors, and amazing textures. Take a peek at Hotel Van Zandt if this sounds like your kind of mood.


Modern Buildings

  • Modern buildings like museums or refurbished school houses come to mind for this category. Usually filled with amazing artwork or statement pieces, this type of venue is for the couple who wants to get married in a unique space filled with modern touches and elements. If this seems like a good fit for you, take a look at The Contemporary Austin, they have lots of spaces to offer!


Hill Country Chic

  • When we say Hill Country chic, what we mean is a beautiful space located in the hill country that is not necessarily “rustic”. The spaces have refined elements and different themes behind their designs. They offer the best of both worlds, mixing hill country landscapes with beautiful buildings to house your event. Ma Maison is a great example of hill country chic.



  • Churches and chapels can hold all kinds of ceremonies. Not only do they offer great spaces for religious gatherings, they also make for great rain plan spaces too! Many churches and chapels are scattered throughout the Central Texas area and all are so unique in design and execution. If you are looking for a church or chapel, take a look at Old Glory Ranch.



  • This is a new niche venue grouping that we are loving right now! Wineries and breweries have started opening up for special events and weddings. In Fredericksburg and throughout the hill country you can find one about every 10 steps, so there are plenty to choose from! One of our favorites is Jester King Brewery. Look them up!



  • Recently mansions have been making a big splash in the Texas wedding venue arena. Many people are going into older mansions and refurbishing them with beautiful and up-to-date details. One that we can’t stop swooning over is Woodbine Mansion. Take a look!


Restaurants/Trendy Hot Spots

  • Austin is filled with these hidden gems waiting to host your wedding. If you have a favorite food or restaurant, maybe think about inquiring with them if you would like to have your wedding there. Typically these venues offer smaller ceremony spaces, but certainly bring a fun and quirky element to the wedding scene. Jacoby’s in East Austin has held beautiful weddings there, take a look!


As you can see the Texas Venue Types are truly endless. If you are looking for a venue, that perfect one for you is out there!


We Do Weddings venue family includes all types of wedding venues from Austin to Houston that can cater to all types of budgets, wedding sizes, wedding themes and more! Register today and match with your perfect venue!


Until next time lovebirds!






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