Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Venue

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On today’s blog we wanted to talk about the importance of knowing the Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Venue — doing your homework and talking to venues BEFORE YOU BOOK!

Sure, a venue may look great and may visually be the perfect place for you to wed. BUT, do they answer all the below questions correctly for your needs and wants?

Today we are discussing our Top 10 Questions we think you should ask a venue BEFORE booking with them.


Let’s dive right in on Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Venue:


What’s your availability around my ideal wedding date?

Availability is the key ingredient to your wedding. If the venue doesn’t have your ideal date, you have to consider if your date is flexible OR do you need to move on to another venue that is available?


What all is included in your rental cots?

It is SO important to know what all you are paying for when you book with a venue. Is the cost they quote in their initial email/meeting with you ALL INCLUSIVE or will there be additional fees later on? Make sure you get an itemized list of what all is including in the cost for booking with the venue, i.e. tables, chairs, hours, staffing, etc.


How many guests can the venue accommodate?

Guest count is a big thing to consider as well. Some venues are very constricted by their size, so if you are looking at having a larger event, make sure that dream venue can accommodate that guest count both INSIDE and OUTSIDE.


How many hours are included in the rental?

Timing is a crucial element of your wedding day. You need to figure out exactly when you can come to the venue on your wedding day and when you need to leave the wedding venue. This timeline is helpful when considering where you will get dressed and when the reception needs to end. Typically, wedding venues allow 10hour windows for their rentals, so if you need more time, be sure to check in with them about options.


What wedding packages do you have, and what’s included in each of them?

Figuring out if your venue has levels of investment is always a good idea. Perhaps you love the wedding venue but their Saturday rates are way too costly for you. Consider asking if their rates are lower for weekdays or Fridays/Sundays. This way you may be able to get your dream venue but at a more friendly price.


Do you host more than one event on the same day? If so, how many other events will be booked for the same day as my wedding?

This is one of our favorite questions. We are big believers that your wedding day should be YOUR wedding day. A great question to have answered is if the wedding venue is all yours for the day or if you will have to share with other events happening at the same time. If you do have to share, also think about asking how they plan to separate and not blend multiple events.


How far in advance can we reserve a date?

Again, timing is key in all things wedding planning. If you are looking at getting married only 1 month after getting engaged some venues might not only be booked up but they might have a planning period requirement as well. Make sure to figure out availability for your dream venue!


Is there an outdoor AND indoor space?

Especially in Texas, this is a great question thanks to our crazy weather! If you are a fan of outside events it is nice to know if there is an indoor rain plan!


Does your venue have a bridal suite/groom’s den?

Getting ready is a big part of the initial part of the wedding day. Make sure to ask your venue if they have designated spaces for you and your spouse-to-be to get ready or hold items during the wedding day.


Do you have any vendors we have to use?

Preferred vendors VS. partnered vendors is a big difference. Your venue most likely has lists of people that can work at the venue BUT do they have any requirements on who you must work with for different vendor categories? Be sure to ask!


Hopefully, all these questions will help you feel more prepared when looking at venues and booking your dream venue.

For more helpful ideas about connecting with your venue, check out this article from Shutterfly.


All of the venues on We Do Weddings will be more than happy to assist you with these questions and will do whatever they can to help you find the right venue fit.


Good luck doing your venue homework and remember to HAVE FUN!

Until next time lovebirds, cheers to love!




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