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Quickly Find Your Dream Wedding Venue with One Search.

Without the hassle of emailing dozens of venues.

We Do Weddings is a new kind of wedding website devoted to helping you find your dream wedding venue. You’ve seen the big-name sites that promise to help, but you still end up doing all the work. Whether you’re the groom contacting the perfect wedding venue for bids or the bride trying to sort out the perfect caterer, you’re still doing a lot of work.


We Do Weddings acts like a matchmaker between the Texas Hill Country and central Texas wedding venues and amazing couples looking to wed. Couples and wedding venues match up for mutual benefit. Couples get their dream wedding day, on short notice or not. Venues book more weddings. Everyone wins.

For Brides and Grooms

Quick and Complimentary Venue Search

There’s no need for your upcoming wedding to be more stressful or more expensive to plan than any other. Coming up with the list of possible venues you want to connect with is made easier here. With our extensive directory and advice, choosing your perfect venue will happen easily and quickly! With this first big step done, your wedding will come together before you know it!

On Your Timeline

With the help of We Do Weddings, your favorite wedding venues list their availability on what the wedding industry considers either short notice or long term! The venues work with We Do Weddings to fill those spots, and you get the best venues for your fairy tale day. So, whether you want to get married two weeks from now or two years from now, that perfect venue is out there, ready for you to book them.

With Perfect Efficiency

You also have the possibility of only contacting venues who are available on your dates. There’s no need to frantically call around the whole town simply because a venue didn’t work out. The We Do Weddings directory offers a plethora of trustworthy options for life’s little mishaps so they don’t affect your big day.

Quickly Find Your Dream

Wedding Venue with One Search.

Without the hassle of emailing
dozens of venues.


For Venues

When You Want to Work

As a wedding venue, you’ve seen all kinds of weddings. From stately to raucous, they’re all beautiful celebrations you’re proud to be a part of. However, you’re not booking all the days you want to work. Perhaps people canceled their weddings, or that day has never been fully booked in your business. You don’t have to accept those as lost days though.

Without High Fees

We Do Weddings offers a better solution. Instead of locking you into long-term advertising contracts, you select your availability and time period. There’s no risk of happy couples contacting you for dates you’re already booked up, wasting your advertising clicks. Plus, the actual fees aren’t as steep as the big-name brands. Spending less money to get engaged leads will be good for your business.

Make Dream Weddings Come True

We Do Weddings exists to fix a problem. Couples should have options even for short notice weddings. They deserve the choice of your fantastic services for their special day. Couples are only shown companies with availability, making their planning more straightforward, and saving everyone time.