New Year, New Wedding Planning Strategies

New Year, New Wedding Planning Strategies

Happy New Year, lovebirds!

Can you believe it is 2022? Sometimes it still feels like 2020 to us but we are so excited for a new year and we are certainly so excited for all of you finding love and celebrating love with all kinds of celebrations.

We wanted to talk about upcoming wedding seasons.

Raise your hand if you got engaged this past holiday season!

If you did, are you considering 2022 weddings or are you thinking 2023, 24…?

Depending on your dream wedding date and how long of an engagement you want, this can certainly help you narrow down the year you want to look into saying I do.

Here are some notes and tips from us on planning what year to get married in.

New Year, New Wedding Planning Strategies

If you want to get married in 2022:

  1. Your engagement season will be shorter. This means you will need to really focus on securing vendors quickly. 
  2. Be sure to pick and secure a venue first. Currently we are seeing very full Spring and Fall 2022 calendars from all our partners, so the options may be limited
  3. Don’t be afraid of Summer dates. A lot of couples are nervous about the heat, but if you secure a venue that has enclosed areas that are air conditioned, you can have a comfortable and beautiful event.
  4. Consider details that take longer to work on and secure. We are talking about your attire, your catering, etc. Ordering a dress can take up to 8-10 months, sometimes even longer. Check these crucially timed details off your list ASAP!
  5. Don’t forget seasonal availability. This is applicable to floral elements, food, etc. If you are really focused on something that is not available, be open to waiting until it is.

If you want to get married in 2023 and beyond:

  1. Your engagement season will be longer, meaning you have more time to get things done. However, this doesn’t mean forget about those details, You still have to stay on top of your planning needs.
  2. There is going to potentially be more flexibility when choosing your venue and vendors. This will give you time to really dive in and do your homework so you can know who you really want to work with.
  3. Be open minded to all kinds of seasons. When there are more options available to choose from for your date, you can really look and see what pricing is best during the year for all your vendors.

Now on to our area of expertise!

If you need help connecting with a venue or vendors, let us know!

We Do Weddings is all about date availability so we are here to help you find that perfect venue and vendor team who can be there for you on the wedding day of your dreams!

Cheers to all the upcoming weddings and cheers to amazing planning experiences!



*photo by Jessica Frey*

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