Welcome to We Do Weddings!


This is our first official blog post and we are so excited to say hello!

First things first, we are Conor and Kaitlyn — the gals behind WDW. Both native Austinites and lovers of all things weddings, we are beyond thrilled to be able to work with each of you and help you during your wedding planning journey!

To get started, we thought we would showcase the 5 W’s of We Do Weddings: the Who, the What, the When, the Where, and the Why. This way you can learn more about the website, our hopes for helping you, and the reason and way We Do Weddings came to be. So, here we go!


We Do Weddings, that’s who! Conor and Kaitlyn (us) are the people behind it all. We are sending emails, doing social media posts, are on set for photoshoots, talking to you about your wedding hopes and dreams!


A new matchmaking service that helps you, as a couple pair with your perfect wedding venue for your perfect timeline.


You can use We Do Weddings anytime! The best part about this site is that you can visit it and use it as much as you like throughout your wedding planning process. It is free and is always available for your use.


Currently, we are serving the Central Texas and Houston area couples. We started in Texas because we are in Texas! We Do Weddings is a local business out of Austin, Texas. We are excited to continue to grow further into Texas regions and then throughout The United States. Big dreams!


Two years ago the planning and creation of We Do Weddings began. The whole reason we thought about this concept was because our owners, wedding venue owners, were meeting couples who wanted to get married in a shorter amount of time and they couldn’t accommodate their booking needs because they were already booked.

Then, the Covid Pandemic happened and couples needed help as their timelines were extended and things had to be moved…which made the vision of the website shift. Instead of just helping couples with a smaller engagement window, we wanted to help ALL couples find their dream wedding venue.

Plus, we love supporting our local friendors and wanted to help everyone fill their calendars back up as the world weathered the Covid storm.

SO! We Do Weddings was born.

Now, you know a little bit about us and our hopes to help you along your wedding planning journey.

We would love to hear from you! Where are you from? When are you getting married? Where do you want to get married? How can we help you?!

Pick our brains, that is what we are here for 24/7. We are just an email away and are always excited to chat. Whether it be about venue searching or anything wedding related, we love it all!

Please reach out to hello@we-doweddings.com if you ever need a thing!

Until then, enjoy the site, take a look at our social media and follow us for more ideas/tips/inspiration.

Happy wedding planning and cheers to you!
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