How to Choose Your Bridal Party

How to Choose Your Bridal Party

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Have you ever heard the sentiment that it takes a village? It is one of our favorites and you have probably heard us harp on and on about it before…but today we are going to talk about the personal village that is standing beside you on your biggest day.

That’s right, today we are going to talk about your Bridal Party and How to Choose them!

We have a couple ideas when it comes to selecting the people who will support you most on your wedding day, so let’s get started!

How to Choose Your Bridal Party:

Size Matters

When it comes to selecting the amount of people you want for your bridal party, it is important to think about a couple things. First, do you want it to be even on both sides– do you want your partner to have the same amount of people as you do? If so, make sure each side has enough people to fit that number. Next, having a bridal party means expenses — thank you gifts. Make sure it is in the budget if you are planning on having a large bridal party!

Think Twice

Sometimes people think just because they have been asked to be someone’s bridal party participant before that they must choose that person in return. Absolutely not. You really want to be thoughtful in who you end up choosing. It can be friends, family members, children — whoever you really want to be a part of your day!

Think Responsibility 

Being a bridal party member is not all fun and fluff! It takes work and it is beyond stressful if your members are not helpful. When you are thinking about the people to include in your group, think about people who will ease your stress and actually make the day better! Those are the people you want surrounding you on such an important day.

Think About All The Roles

If you have people you want to include, but don’t necessarily want them in your bridal party — think about other roles they can do. They might be better as ushers, ceremony readers, toasters, etc. You can find a special something for them even if that means they are not in the bridal party.

Don’t Feel The Pressure

Like with everything else on a wedding day, everyone is going to have an opinion. The most important opinion is YOURS and your PARTNER’s. Make sure not to cave into what everyone else thinks and wants. If there is someone you do not want in the group, then that is ok! Follow your gut and your heart here.

We hope these little tips are helpful lovebirds. Again, there are so many ways and reasons wedding planning can be stressful but don’t let this fun piece of the puzzle become a problem! Pick the people you want and love and need and you cannot go wrong!

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Otherwise, cheers to love and support!


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