We help wedding venues to fill open dates and find quality leads.

We Do Weddings is here to help.

Ever feel frustrated by lost days due to cancellations or under-booking?

Tired of not booking all the days you want to?

Has the Covid-19 Pandemic created lots of white space on your calendar? 

At We Do Weddings, we believe in “no more lost days,” so we offer the solution venues and couples have been looking for. 

Because we believe couples should have options (even for short-notice weddings) and that they deserve a venue they love for their special day. 

“But I’ve been burned by listing websites before…”

Sure, there are plenty of other websites out there that promise to drive leads (any leads, they mean) your way, but we believe your time is too valuable to waste on pointless leads. 

What makes us different?

We only show couples venues that have availability on their selected day.

Our goal is to help fill your open dates by sending you only quality leads looking for the dates that you specifically want to fill. 

We don’t simply list your venue in an endless list for couples to sift through; we drive the perfect couples to you, their perfect venue. 

It’s matchmaking for venues, and there is no other website like this.  

As the original wedding venue website powerhouse, we help brides and couples to stop scrolling endlessly and guide them directly to you.  

“Wait. Is this just a “last minute” dates thing?”

No, this isn’t just for “last-minute brides” wanting to get married in a short time frame. This is an opportunity for you to fill dates - not just weeks from now - but months from now as well.

It’s a simple matter of selecting your available dates and customizing your advertising. This access saves you time and money.

By signing up, you: 

Get your venue information straight into the hands of hundreds of brides. 

Book more weddings.

Stop wasting your time on directionless leads. 

“But won’t that mean my competitors can see my calendar? Will the website allow other venues access to my open dates?”

No. As part of her search, the bride enters her preferred date or dates, and only the venues that meet her specific search criteria appear. No one (brides or other venues) will ever be able to see your calendar.

It’s a simple matter of selecting your available dates and customizing your advertising. This access saves you time and money.

Here’s the thing

This is for you if you’re looking for a better solution to long-term advertising contracts.

How it Works


Simply select your available dates and time periods.


Customize your listing.


Enjoy “no more lost dates.” 

On top of all this, we offer lower fees and lower risks than big-name brands. 

All of this access is available to you for only $99 a month or an annual fee of only $999. 

And there’s no risk of couples contacting you for dates you’re already booked and wasting your advertising clicks. 

Spending less money to get engaged leads will be good for your business.